Low due to rarity


Pre-attached Scope

Muzzle Brake

Ammo capacity


Damage 100
Portability 45
Rate of Fire 14
Accuracy 90
Recoil 65
Firing modes

Bolt Action



IRL L96A1 Super-Magnum [auto]

— The Arsenal

The L96A1 Super-Magnum is an NX-Rare variant of the L96A1. A rare and powerful Sniper Rifle, it can be only found from specific Supply Crates.


According to the Arsenal, the L96A1 Super-Magnum is lighter than the L96A1, while it also has a faster fire rate. The item description, however, states that it has a heavier caliber. In appearance, the L96A1 Super Magnum features a Muzzle Brake at the end of the barrel which is easily recognizable by the two white stripes at the tip of the gun. It is slightly longer than the standard L96A1. The gun also has a noticeably darker shade of green. The scope doesn't sway as much as the L96A1, so it has a sturdier scope (similar to the M24) with the same magnification. The clip size is increased to six bullets and the gun has a much quicker reload time. The L96A1 Super-Magnum also deals more damage than the standard L96A1, meaning it is more effective at farther ranges against heavily-armored players.This gun is also known to be more accurate than the normal L96A1.